TCBC Preschool


Anyone who has worked in community service you are invited to come and share with the children and we need a picture of you to put on our Community Family Tree. 


Anyone who has served our country and still serving we invite you to come and visit the children. Showing them uniforms and pictures of being in the service. Any pictures you can share will be place on our Thanksgiving Service Tree.

Continuing projects:

            Collecting soda cans for recycling and earning funds for 2 stereoscopes. Cans can be dropped off at the preschool or given to Carolyn at church

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Week of October 17 – 21

Bag of Apples


6 Bananas

Fresh Broccoli

Jar of Peanut Butter

1 Pack of string cheese

Thank You.

Please contact Carolyn Robinson if you have any questions for more details.  577-7694